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'I'm still in constant passionate pursuit of beautiful sonic art, always in service to the song.

Everything about the analogue environment is inspirational and conducive to creativity'


Julie has been recording to tape for 30 years. Her analogue training gives her a natural ability to stay focused, make fast decisions and get incredibly creative with the equipment that she knows by heart. She particularly cares about the song and how she can connect the emotions and performance of the artists with beautiful sonics. Julie manages to push the gear, herself and the musicians in order to deliver amazing records.

Over the years she has worked with :

Martin Hannett, Chris Nagle, Brian Eno, Colin Richardson, Bill Leader, The Fall, Inspiral Carpets, Happy Mondays, World of Twist, James, The Charlatans, 808 State, Guy called Gerald, Lisa Stansfield, Simply Red, New Order, Monaco, Electronic, Revenge, Graham Massey, Sub Sub, Intastella, Napalm Death, Fear Factory, Bill Drummond, The Vaselines, The Aliens, The Shivers, King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, Barbarossa, Alasdair Roberts, Yorkston/Thorne/Khan, Aidan Smith, Jeffrey Lewis, The Music Tapes, Supreme Vagabond Craftsman, UNPOC, James Yorkston, King Creosote, Frances McKee, Lone Pigeon, Prolapse, Brigid Mae Power, Lankum, Junior Brother and more.

Since the age of 17 Julie has been working in studios including Strawberry Studios, Cargo/Suite 16, Pennine Sound/ Mirage and The Windings residential studio in Wales. She built her own 16 track analogue studio in 1995 and recorded many John Peel faves like Prolapse, Mazey Fade and her own riot girl band Thrush Puppies.

Analogue Catalogue was born in 2003 when Julie bought the mixing desk she has always wanted from Utopia Studios in Camden : the lovingly maintained Trident Series 80B, a prototype hand built in 1978. At Utopia it worked with Bowie, Roxy Music, Queen, Japan, Duran Duran and Wham to name but a few.

Analogue Catalogue Recording Studios

+44 (0)28 4063 1025

Drumdreenagh Road


Newry BT34 5NG

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