Analogue Catalogue is a residential analogue recording studio in Ireland.  Recording to 24 track 2” Tape through a vintage Trident Series 80B desk, we made beautiful sounding records for a decade in Manchester until 2013, when our control room was dismantled and reassembled within a 3 storey stone mill overlooking the Mourne Mountains in County Down.  The much loved control room now connects to over 1000 sq ft of live areas - a large 600 sq ft apexed ceiling live room, a 'Westlake-style' 2nd live room, and also to additional tie lines and mic inputs throughout the building.  Within the mill we also offer eco friendly beautifully crafted artist accommodation heated by a wood burning stove, with a plentiful supply of fuel from our studio woods and log store.

Control Room 1 - Desk Control Room 2 - Racks etc Robbee Shower Horn

Recent clients of Analogue Catalogue include The Vaselines (Sub Pop), Jeffrey Lewis (Rough Trade), King Creosote & Jon Hopkins (Domino), Barbarossa (Memphis Industries), The Music Tapes (Merge), James Yorkston (Domino), Allo Darlin' (Slumberland/Fortuna Pop),  The Aliens (EMI), Fionn Regan (Universal), The Offset: Spectacles (Rose Mansion Analog, Beijng), The Shivers (Silence Breaks/Fence), Alasdair Roberts and more. We offer first class analogue recording in beautiful surroundings whilst remaining within the recording budgets of independent record labels and self-releasing artists around the world.

Koster Banjo

At Analogue Catalogue everything is recorded to 24 Track 2" tape through our recently re-capped and lovingly maintained Trident Series 80B console and Otari MTR-90MkII Analogue Multi-Track Recorder.  The machine room houses both the tape machine and desk power supplies which means that the control room contains no computers, screens or fan noise.  This allows for a level of audio concentration that was the professional norm in recording studios prior to the digital invasion.  Welcome to the analogue domain.

Analogue Catalogue, 2015

Analogue Catalogue Live Room Analogue Catalogue Live Room 2 Analogue Catalogue Tape Machine Porch By Night Analogue Catalogue Overdub Room